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Are you struggling with your health, know you need to make changes, but struggle to maintain consistent, positive habits over time?


Do you feel mentally and physically exhausted because your health issues force you to invest too much money, attention and time in yourself?


Is it nearly impossible to go to work or social activities, because you’re drained from pretending to be happy?


Would you rather be living a worry-free and passion-full life, instead of focusing your attention on “managing symptoms” and worrying about doing the “right things” to take care of yourself?



I know the wide spectrum of emotions you’re feeling because I’ve been there too.

I spent 14+ years feeling defeated, sad, and overwhelmed with chronic pain, inflammation and autoimmune issues. I get the daily struggles and maintenance of  physical pain and how it literally takes over your life. I remember feeling like this would always be my fate and how unhappy I felt, being unable to participate in so many activities I had taken for granted before. I was so angry, sad, and resentful about my plight that I ended up distancing myself from friends and family. I felt so alone. Mainly because no-one understood what I was going through, but also because no one could give me any clear answers.  On top of all of this, I was super sensitive empathic and didn’t even realize it, nor did I know the tools to help myself. This perpetual cycle of despair ensued.

I felt like a burden around loved ones, super uncomfortable asking for help or support.  So hard on myself, feeling guilty for not having it all together. I spent years trying to figure out “what was wrong with me?” This question ran on repeat in my mind and kept me in the victim loop for years.

I needed support from someone who had been in my shoes, regained their health, and believed I could do the same.  I was told I’d suffer from nerve pain and myriad of debilitating symptoms forever. I wanted more. I was surviving day to day, sometimes just barely; but I certainly wasn’t living a life of joy or purpose.


“TO HEAL, I knew I needed to invest in myself & make myself a priority!”



Here’s what I did:

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I needed to be around people with positive and nurturing approaches, not just the standard doom and gloom of labels and symptoms. Reiki, energy healers, life coaches, workshops, books, holistic doctors, qi gong, chiropractors, physical therapists, therapists, doctors of all kinds and backgrounds. You name it, I tried it.

Instead of Western doctors, I saw alternative doctors, healers and practitioners. Those who believed I could heal, and without pills and band-aid remedies like antidepressants and anxiety medication. My life coach made a big difference and weekly appointments with support, compassion and accountability were key.  We addressed the emotional issues as they came up. She always said I was doing a good job and I finally started to believe it. I worked on my emotional state, low self-worth, and shifted my perception of myself.

Next, I changed my diet. Dramatically.

There’s what to buy, how to cook it and how to eat outside of the home. Just thinking about it can bring up a LOT of emotion, even though I didn’t struggle with “weight issues.”  I found a lot of resistance to this, even though I had a relatively healthy diet prior.

It really was a struggle and I wish I had somebody to ask questions and lean on for support with all the changes. After 3 years of clean eating, I’m finally able to find my sweet spot of which foods best support me.

Then I changed my body.  

With the help of a chiropractor that really understood my situation, I worked to strengthen and heal my physical body with exercises I practiced at home and at his office. My posture improved by strengthening my core and learning how to stand and walk without depending on orthotics.  

And last but not least, I finally learned how to make self care a priority.  By including Breathwork, meditation, stretching, cooking, reading, relaxing, and good sleep hygiene into my daily routine, I began to feel more balanced.  As time passed, I began to add more elements into my self care practice, including massages, energy sessions, chiropractor and acupuncture appointments.

I found my healing tribe and I never looked back.

Here I am; 14+ years later and I’m finally in a place where I can happily say I’m thriving. By turning my pain into my purpose, I now hope to inspire others to do the same…. There’s no need to struggle and do it alone. You can come to one safe place for your healing, instead of seeking out all the resources on your own.

Let me help you save thousands of dollars and years of your time, trying to figure it out on your own.  

Now’s your chance to be supported, nurtured, and supported for who and where you are!

If you are ready to take the first step towards your new empowered self (and even if you think you aren’t),

join me on a complimentary call to see how I can support you on your journey.


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