About ME

Hi, I’m Jeannie. I’m a fun, empathic, passionate, down to earth LA native that loves coffee, books and all things wellness. I have 18+years of high school teaching experience in LA’s public school system.  Let’s just say, I can teach anyone, and make it fun :) One of my gifts is being able to break down large pieces of information into small chunks and make it easy to understand and implement.  

I’ve been on a wellness journey for 15 years. I’ve spent a over a decade immersed in the personal growth and wellness community. In 2018, I completed a one year mastermind functional life coaching program with industry leader, Mastin Kipp.


I’m a certified Breathwork Facilitator, Sound Healer, Reiki Practitioner and a Functional Nutritional Guide (through Mind Body Green) and completed my BA from UCSB in Spanish and Psychology.

In my free time, you can find me at farmers markets, hiking (easy trails only, lol), cooking, taking and teaching breathwork classes, staying current with alternative healing trends, traveling, speaking Spanish, connecting with friends and attending personal development and spiritual workshops and classes.