"If you are looking for someone with an incredible amount of knowledge and compassion to help you on your health and wellness journey, Jeannie is the person for you. From experience and sheer determination, Jeannie has discovered the path to heal your body. I’ll never forget my very first session with Jeannie; she listened intently to my story and then gently told me the struggle with my health was not my fault. I had been feeling so bad for so long and no one had ever told me that. I was way too fatigued and overwhelmed to research what foods I should or shouldn’t eat. That’s where Jeannie shines; she’s done the heavy research and can easily recommend food options as well as techniques for breathing and body movement that can improve your daily life."- Terry Koelsch



"I've been using Jeannie's simple & effective advice for over 8 years." -Mike Merina

"Jeannie Kulwin is an amazing life coach & breathwork practitioner. Her passion for helping people really shines through into everything she does. Jeannie is blazing a trail, showing us how to become balanced and lead happier & healthier lives." -Max Shaft



"Working with Jeannie has allowed me to take my health & wellness to the next level and her warm & welcoming personality has given me a space to feel safe to share my journey." -Laurie Marie

"I give Jeannie the highest praise for the breadth of experience and  excellent value to help me to achieve my goals to create a healthy lifestyle.Working with Jeannie was truly transformative!  She was supportive, encouraging and trustworthy. I felt validated  & heard and she helped to create a safe space for me to express myself & share without judgement. I work in a fast paced career in NYC’s competitive Real Estate industry. Jeannie provided me with helpful tools and shifts in perspective that I needed to make realistic changes to support my mind, body and to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If you are seeking to work with a fabulous lifestyle coach for support & get results.. I encourage you to reach out to Jeannie!" - Forever grateful, Karen Dworkin