Laying the foundation

In this package, you will receive four 75 minute coaching calls that will focus on implementing and balancing daily self care habits that support your busy lifestyle. You learn the fundamentals of nutrition and cooking and which foods fight inflammation and which  to avoid. Replacing harmful ingredients with healthy substitutes that boost gut healing is fundamental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle over time.

This package is the perfect place to start if you’re curious about coaching, but not ready for a long-term investment and don’t really know where to begin. Let’s take out the overwhelm and confusion with health and nutrition and get down to the fundamentals of well-being.  So much of what we put into our bodies affects our mood, energy and emotional and physical well-being. As important as food is, it’s not the single catalyst to well-being. Sleep, exercise, and a positive relationship with ourselves are vital for our state of being. Unfortunately, many of us feel guilty taking good care of ourselves, or we’re just too busy. Feeling vibrant again isn’t about one decisive action, but rather small manageable habits that slowly become part of your day to day activities.  

It takes courage to take the first step towards up-leveling your lifestyle.  

You deserve to be supported. When you first give to yourself and fill you up, you naturally have more energy, focus and love to share with others.