Whole Body Transformation

Do you know you’re ready for big change but don’t know what to do?

This customized, 12 week health transformation program is for busy individuals with no time to waste who want to upgrade their lives. In 3 months, not only will you lose weight, but you’ll double your energy, productivity and confidence.

We cover it all. I first focus on mindset and pinpoint what’s really keeping you stuck. After we uncover these patterns, we discuss other areas of my program. Together we’ll create more balance, learn better practices to nourish your mind and body and start implementing a clean diet that supports your busy lifestyle.

Here’s just some of what we tackle in our 3 months of working together:

  1. Mindset and emotional blockages; are you subconsciously sabotaging your efforts?

  2. Food education and nutrition-why calorie counting is ineffective and other dieting myths you should know.

  3. Pantry purge-I come to you and uplevel your kitchen. Learn what to toss and why and what needs to be stocked

  4. Shopping day-where do you like to shop? Are you overwhelmed at Whole Foods with all the labels? GMO, organic, natural, clean, cage-free, grass-fed? What do they all mean? And what should you really be reading and purchasing?

  5. Meal planning-How to plan your meals for the week based on foods you enjoy

  6. Balance and Self-care- do you have a nourishing self care routine? How do you do that? Let’s implement a practice that’s supportive and uplifting.

  7. Breathwork-release what no longer serves you and end the one hour session being the best version of yourself. In person private sessions or on-line, if not local. 1 session included.

  8. Eating out-let’s look at various menus and figure out a game plan for any social event involving food, (which is pretty much all of them.) Do you feel uncomfortable asking for what you need or not going along with what others are doing? Gain the confidence to stay firm in your beliefs and decisions.

  9. First and foremost, your questions, challenges and concerns are what we discuss in our sessions. I’m here to support YOU, bring positive change and accountability.  Whatever’s coming up, let’s talk about it. YOU get to decide the best way to use our time together